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Welcome to BWSA′s Home on the Web!

Welcome to the Big Walnut Soccer Association! 

Many of your questions can be answered in the following pages, but feel free to contact us if there is anything else you require!

The Big Walnut Soccer Association consists of a three part system to accommodate players from ages 4-14 in all levels of skill.

1)  The recreational league, known as BWSA, is a non-profit recreational league for children ages 4-14 in the Big Walnut area and surrounding communities.  We have divisions beginning in Pre-Kindergarten and going through Middle School.

The BWSA is a volunteer organization and we are constantly in need of parents of younger children to join as coaches and board members and grow with their children and the league.

The BWSA hosts two seasons each year. The Fall Season runs from mid-August through October with the application deadline in early July, while the Spring Season runs from mid-March through May with the application deadline in early February. Participants must both register and pay the appropriate fee for each season separately. 

2)  The Big Walnut Heroes is our volunteer parent coached travel program. The available divisions in this program is variable and dependent upon coaches who choose to serve in the capacity required for a one year commitment beginning in June of each year. Teams participate in the Mid-Ohio Select Soccer League (MOSSL)

3)  The Freedom Soccer Club is our professionally coached affiliate travel program. Teams participate in the Mid-Ohio Select Soccer League (MOSSL), Buckeye Premier League (BPL), Ohio South State League (OSSL), and in the Midwest Regional League (MRL).

For more information regarding either of the Select programs, click on the appropriate tabs at the top of this page.

Our Mission

The Big Walnut Soccer Association (BWSA)is dedicated to the education of soccer and good sportsmanship in a fun, community environment. Players are taught the value of hard work, perseverance, teamwork and respect. We strive to create a positive, energetic learning experience for children and parents as well.


Soccer is the most popular sport in the world. According to FIFA's most recent Big Count survey, there are 265 million players actively involved in soccer around the world, roughly about 4 percent of the world's population. At least 3.2 billion people watched some part of the 2014 World Cup, with 1 billion tuning in for the final live on television. In comparison, approximately 115 million people watched the 2016 Super Bowl.


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Registration for Fall 2016
Fall Registration now open.   Register early to assure a...
  PLAYERS CODE: • Play the game for the game’s...
Registration for Fall 2016

Fall Registration now open.  

Register early to assure a spot on a team  -  We had a record number of registrations for the Spring and had to turn players away.

Late registration begins July 9th.

We have entered into a formal, long-term agreement with the Big Walnut Schools which will allow us to better plan and create opportunities for growth and improvements to the playing fields.  

We have had also meetings with local  leagues and are looking to provide more opportunities to play against those neighboring teams in the older levels of the recreational program - 4th & 5th grades primarily. This is in response to the success of our Heroes program which has changed the  numbers of players available in those age groups.  
We welcome people with ideas for improvement. The best way for you to get involved is to attend a meeting and volunteer your energies to help, even in a small way. We typically meet the 3rd Sunday of every month (except December) at 6:00 at the Sunbury United Methodist Church. That is subject to change so it is best to check if you plan on attending.

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Play the game for the game’s sake.

Be generous when you win.

Be graceful when you lose. 

Be fair always no matter what the cost.

Obey the laws of the game.

Work for the good of your team.

Accept the decisions of the officials with good grace.

Believe in the honesty of your opponents.

Conduct yourself with honor and dignity.



The right to decide when to participate in soccer.

The right to play in every game. At younger ages, every child should have an 

    opportunity to play at least 50% of every game. No child should have to stand 

    and watch at practice.

The right to be taught the fundamentals of soccer.

The right to participate in a safe and healthy environment.

The right to play as a child and enjoy participation in the sport.



Provide transportation to and from all practices and games ensuring that the player 

    is prompt not only in arriving but also his/her departure.

Stay and watch practices, as well as, games and lend the young players your support 

    in a positive manner. Do not point out their mistakes, leave that up to the coach, but 

    dwell on their accomplishments, as well as, their efforts.

If unable to attend the practice or game encourage your child not to talk to or leave 

    with strangers.

Ensure your child brings equipment to and from all soccer games and practices when 


Be available to kick the ball around with your child when you are invited to do so.

Avoid material rewards. Build an attitude of “the rewards lie in the fun of being able 

    to play” and team accomplishments.

Be a good listener. Make them feel important and let them know that they are 

    contributing to a team effort.

Be positive. Never criticize.




In competition, someone always loses. If you win, do it gracefully, not boastfully.

If you lose, do not allow your child to become negative.

Too much competition, too soon, can slow down a child’s progress in skill 


Make fun and technique development your first priority.

Your child’s coach will need all the support and help you can offer. Please, make 

    yourself available and volunteer all the time you can spare.

Disagreements with the coach or officials do not belong on the public soccer field.

Questions, input, and positive suggestions should be voiced to the coach and/or 

    League official in an adult atmosphere (the youth player should not be present).

The overall purpose is to enjoy the game and the opportunity to be with your child 

    on the field of play.

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Hylen Souders Field Status
#1: MSSA East - Galena OPEN (5/25) 
#10: Pre-K A-2 - Galena OPEN (5/25) 
#12: grade 5-6 (U12) - Galena OPEN (5/25) 
#13: grade 3-4 (U10) - Galena OPEN (5/25) 
#14: grade 1-2 (U8) - Galena OPEN (5/25) 
#15 Pre K B - Galena OPEN (5/25) 
#2: MSSA West - Galena OPEN (5/25) 
#3: Heroes U9 & U10 - Galena OPEN (5/25) 
#4: Pre-K A-1 - Galena OPEN (5/25) 
#5: Kindergarten Girls - Galena OPEN (5/25) 
#6: Freedom U9 & U10 - Galena OPEN (5/25) 
#7: grade 1-2 (U8) - Galena OPEN (5/25) 
#8: Heroes/Freedom 11-12 - Galena OPEN (5/25) 
#9: grade 3-4 (U10) - Galena OPEN (5/25) 
Bevelheimer Rd Field 10 - New Albany OPEN (5/25) 
Bevelheimer Rd Field 9 - New Albany OPEN (5/25) 
Practice Area East - Galena OPEN (5/25) 
Practice Area West - Galena OPEN (5/25) 
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