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Subject: Sportsmanship
Posted by: Mae Kuhns of
I just wanted to suggest that maybe Big Walnut could instill some sportsmanship in their players. I feel this should be the first thing that is taught, you win lose some, either way you need to be a good sport about it. EVERY game we've played against a Big Walnut team, we have had to deal with a lot of smack talk, from the KINDERGARTEN players! Our kids have been made fun of for not scoring, and for how they play. These are young kids who have never played the game before and are just learning. I don't feel it's appropriate for a 6 year old to get in my sons face and tell him he's a loser, right on the field in front of everyone. I've never seen a BW coach intervene or reprimand a player for this bad behavior, and I've seen it done right in front of the coach. Please! These are young kids who are just learning how to play and are supposed to be having fun. How disheartening for them to have to hear these nasty, negative comments before, during, and after EVERY game!! It's ridiculous and I hold both the parents and coaching staff responsible! Sportsmanship people!!!  
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